Yankee Fork Gold Dredge Association Membership

Membership entitles you and your immediate family to free tours of the dredge, voting rights at our annual meeting, and two newsletters during the year. Membership fees are used to help keep the Yankee Fork Gold Dredge restored and in good order.

To become a member of the Yankee Fork Gold Dredge Association please print this form, fill in the blanks and mail with payment to the address below. Your membership card will be mailed to you. If you have any questions please contact us.

Yankee Fork Gold Dredge Association
PO Box 1321
Challis ID 83226


My check for $___________ is enclosed. Please enroll my membership as indicated.

(Please check one)
Annual Membership* $5.00 OR

Lifetime membership $100.00

Number in Family ________

Name: _____________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

Email: _____________________________

Thank you for your participation in History coming alive at the Yankee Fork Gold Dredge.

*Annual Membership is renewable at the Annual Meeting, on the last Sunday in July each year.

As we are a non-profit organization, if your club or organization would like to sponsor the Dredge send donation to the above address. Thank you!

Dredge Statistics
Dredge Started: April 1, 1940
Last Ran: June 1953
Amount of gold extracted: $1,023,024.89
Amount of silver extracted: $14,298.00
Largest Spud in Idaho: 17.5 tons.